CFO Taskforce for the SDGs

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The Challenge

The CFO Taskforce for the Sustainable Development Goals comprises the Chief Financial Officers of more than 40 multinational corporations committed to developing and advancing sustainable finance principles for the United Nations Global Compact. The website incorporates a private VIP experience for each executive, including a personalized dashboard and access to a selection of executive working groups. Additional company dashboards allow each executive's staff to report on Key Performance Indicators that are aggregated in a public-facing reporting view.
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Marketing site
The public-facing site provides a rich overview of events, member CFOs, guiding principles, and company profiles with transparent statements and metrics from each on sustainability progress.
CFO dashboard
Each CFO can access a personalized dashboard showing their upcoming working group meetings, deliverables, events, and team members. Interactive forms allow users to update sustainability metrics.
Working group dashboard
The dashboard for each executive working group shows a calendar of upcoming and past meetings, allows documents to be uploaded to a working group library, and enables members to make contact and chat.
In-app messaging
A discussion board within the working group dashboard affords the ability to asynchronously post, like, and reply to messages. Direct messaging is also identified as a feature for the product roadmap.
Live KPI reporting
Users and admins provide metrics on sustainable finance progress for each company with the dashboard, which are aggregated and reported live on the public-facing site.
Admin dashboard
The admin dashboard gives full visual editing capabilities for all data on the site, including user accounts, working group membership, company profile data, events, meetings, and KPIs. Working group file uploads are approved here before being posted to the working group dashboard.
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