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The Challenge

Global Compact Network USA is one of 250+ local networks within the United Nations Global Compact, an international coalition of private corporations and NGOs supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The website creates a distinct identity and functionality for Network USA to support local recruiting and member engagement, while integrating with the centralized brand and Salesforce / Pardot infrastructure of the Global Compact Office.
Global Compact Network USA site map
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Events & Webinars
The site incorporates a calendar of upcoming events and webinars, as well as a library of free recordings available with registration. Both are filterable by multiple hosts, including local network, global network, and partner organizations.
News & Publications
News items from a variety of UN sources combine with local network announcements to give participants and prospects a single interface for engaging with the Global Compact. A library of in-depth publications links to lead capture forms.
Application Forms & Payments
Integrated Pardot forms and Stripe online payments enable full functionality for onboarding new participants and interacting with prospects.
Salesforce API Integration
A live list of current participating organizations pulls directly from the global Salesforce database, and includes sort and filter functions by org type, industry sector, and join date.
Pardot Automation
Salesforce and Pardot work together to provide combined customer relationship management (CRM) and email communications functionality.
Systems Management & Reporting
Webinar registration data from Zoom integrates into Pardot, Salesforce, and Google Analytics to provide a data-rich view of Network USA's participant community.
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